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Cong Quoc Ha – Exhibition in Sweden

Exhibition of Cong Quoc Ha Artist in Sweden”

Personal exhibition of  Cong Quoc Ha painter  named “Oriental Beauty” is taking place in the cultural Nynashamn, Sweden. This is a cooperation between the cultural Nynashamn and Hanoi      (Hanoi-Asian Art House ).

Cong Quoc Ha painter  and daughter  founded May 11-2004 in central Stockholm. There are many contributions to the arts in Hanoi to introduce the public to northern Europe.

The exhibition “Oriental Beauty” on display 15 works of lacquer painter ,Cong Quoc Ha composed in recent years. Art critic Sweden Petra Harkort Berge article introduces the exhibition: “Exhibition Asian beauty sent to the viewer the beauty and serenity of climate urging people and landscape of Hanoi – the home of the artist. The house in the Old Quarter of Hanoi is described by the artist colors galaxy century, strong color contrast, an unforgettable impression for those who’ve been to Hanoi. In the drawings Hanoi girl, painting Dr. highlights slender design of the traditional ao dai Vietnam looking a model of holiness. The colors yellow, white, silver lacquer painter used very subtly.

Lacquer graduated University of Industrial Fine Arts in 1979, Cong Quoc Ha painter  soon find a separate entry in the flow of modern art. The individual knows that he has been through a combined sense of the beauty of traditional and modern, between the nature of romantic lyrical content with the spacious, well-being of the array shape, rich conventional lines, evocative. Art researcher Nguyen Van Cuong said: “As the original Hanoi to Ha picture of bold urban China: proud flowers that simple, but elegant luxury meager, romantic love life but closed quiet originality of “Bac Ha Si Phu,” considered one of the worse situation, he should avoid seepage flowing toward the human emotions, flowers, trees … express joy, optimism, happiness in life .

The character of Cong Quoc Ha along idyllic life with nature and that is the concept comes from the cultural life of the author. “The collection of paintings and art lovers Nordic loved The National Vietnam lacquer. They were interested when he witnessed painters paint directly onto the body like lacquer, gold sheaves on face painting or care how eggs. Seems fanciful splendor of golden, then blend in the black substance of contemporary art has fascinated them the National Vietnam…”

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